Question 1a

Hello, good afternoon, I wanted to ask a question; First, I would like to  know if there is someone who has persued the investigation of the matrix equation that appears on the website?

The question has been sent to the Scientific Committee of Vera’s Mathematic World. As soon as we receive an answer we will post it online.

Question 1b

And second, I would like to know if the competition is only individual or if it can be done in a group? for example 3 people. Thank you very much, I’ll be waiting for the answer.

The presentation of the proposal is individual since there is only the possibility of one professional practice in the studio of Zaha Hadid Architects in London.

Question 2

Hello! How are you? … I am an architect graduated from the Catholic University of Salta, my query is as follows, can only students apply to the competition?, given that I am not doing postgraduate studies but I would like to present a proposal.

The competition is open to undergraduate, masters, doctoral and postgraduate students. There are no limitations of age, profession or nationality; the only condition is to be enrolled in a Higher Education Institution.

Question 3a

Firstly, the level of detail that it should have (Is it the form that matters or do we also have to present a programmatic distribution?).

The level of detail to demonstrate the ideas depends on each project, each category and each discipline. There is not a generalized response. It is each author´s personal choice how to present to the jury the necessary information to communicate the innovation of the product (on an individual, group or universal scale).

Question 3b

Secondly, can the drawings that support my project be done by hand or should I use digital modeling programs such as Rhino, SketchUp, etc?.

Since the Vera W. Spinadel Award 2018 must demonstrate an application of a proportional system based on the Metallic Means Family, we understand that the geometry of the products is fundamental. The mathematical demonstration can be graphical or analytical but yet understandable to an International Jury. The means of expression to meet the above requirements are a free author´s choice.

Question 4a

I have a question: where are the measures of the panel to be presented specified? I understand that it is A0.

The delivery is a poster in A0 format, that means with the following dimensions: 841 mm x 1189 mm.

Question 4b

From what I see in the image of the contest, at the bottom, there are a series of logos of sponsors, supporters and organizers: should these logos also be included in the A0 poster, or should I leave a space for you to include them?

The logos from the template must be included in the uploaded poster. The texts must be placed in the intended place, in Spanish (optional) and English, respecting the following specifications:
Color: R 237 G 69 B 115
Typography: Title: Arial Bold 36 pt, Subtitle: Arial Regular 24 pt, Text: Arial Regular/Italic 14 pt